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Simpher Escalator

Simpher Escalator
Escalators are mechanical devices used for transporting people vertically between different levels of buildings. Typically, they take the form of a moving staircase, consisting of a 'chain' of single-piece aluminium or stainless steel steps guided by a system of tracks in a continuous loop. Escalators are commonly used in buildings where the movement of a large number of people is required, such as shopping centers, airports, transit systems, exhibition halls, hotels, arenas, public buildings, and so on. They occupy the same physical space as a staircase, generally have no waiting time (other than during periods of congestion), allow a greater flow of people, and can be more practical than lifts. It is also possible for people to walk up or down escalators, if they are in a hurry, or if they break down. A variation of the escalator is the moving walkway, which transports people horizontally
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